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BEGGANI is the centuries-long journey of a courageous and caring Family. The life of my Family since 1877 has been full of global challenges, heroic deeds, great love and care in the Family. This period gave rise to the BEGGANI brand, filled with family values and knowledge from all generations. BEGGANI has a unique energy, able to overcome any difficulties, thanks to a strong spirit and strong family ties. The life journey generations, the many trials and the caring soul of the Family have created the unique BEGGANI® brand. For BEGGANI, being a brand that embodies fashion and high family values, means creating unique products that combine aesthetics, quality and innovation with a strong value system. BEGGANI creates exclusive support.



My great-grandfather was a fire chief. His determination and courage was an example to the entire team. He always lived to save others, which made his life difficult and dangerous. He was always helped along this path of life by my great-grandmother. Her support and care were very strong, and it served to create the clothes that protected great-grandpa with the warmth of the soul and the strength of the Family.
Great-grandfather wore under his uniform every day the clothes BEGGANI that Great-grandmother had created. He always believed that the clothes, created by the soul and warmth of the heart, would protect and keep him and Team safe in any emergency. The entire fire team, each and every one of its fighters, always wore under their uniforms the BEGGANI clothing created by a strong and caring Family.



Generational continuity is at the core of the BEGGANI brand.
In the 20st century, it was time for my grandparents to take up the baton and pass on the knowledge and values of the BEGGANI brand. Their way of life is an example for all generations. Honor and dignity, honesty and integrity, protection, love and care have always been at the core of my family's principles of life.
Grandma and Grandpa overcame a lot of difficulties and managed to take BEGGANI brand to a new wonderful level, which they were able to achieve thanks to the knowledge and qualities received in our Family. My Grandfather's courage and heroism were at the highest level, and my Grandmother represented the loving and caring soul of the Family. Together, they preserved and passed on the knowledge, human qualities and warmth of the BEGGANI® brand to the next generations.



The generations of the 21st century are us, Daddy and Daughter. We are strong and courageous in life and in professional sports. Our actions and thoughts are always guided by life experience, knowledge and the warmth of our Family. We carry the values of BEGGANI through our modern sports and lifestyle wear to people all over the world. The world is changing, but the strong spirit, human action, love and care always remain. We are proud to say that the life journey and the challenges our Family has gone through have created a strong BEGGANI® brand.
The courage and heroism, the love and the care of the Family are reflected in the patented BEGGANI® brand and the patented logo "Two united birds", symbolizing family bonds, intergenerational continuity, a loving and caring Family.
BEGGANI creates exclusive support.



Thanks to our efforts, hard work and our wonderful English friends, we have opened an office in Manchester. We are fruitfully creating a full-scale development of the BEGGANI brand, which represents courage and resilience, strong family values and high moral human qualities. In this way we create a new round of growth for the company, revealing the powerful potential of BEGGANI and its employees in general. We are very glad that our English friends became a part of our big BEGGANI team.



The successful opening of the BEGGANI Sales House in London makes a huge contribution to the development of the BEGGANI Group. We reveal to the world the strength of the BEGGANI brand, which embodies fashion and high family values, innovation and life experience of many generations.Our dedication to creating unique products and providing the best service commands respect in the hearts of our customers. BEGGANI creates a unique culture of strong family values, fills with knowledge and gives exclusive life support.



It is always important for BEGGANI to see the world globally, to constantly open new directions and create the best conditions for our customers. We are very glad to announce the opening of BEGGANI Sales Houses in Kiev, Toronto and Los Angeles. It is very important for us to provide the best service, create unique products and be close to every customer. We will always be your support, because BEGGANI brand is created by strong and caring Family.