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The personal example of BEGGANI life. THINKING

The personal example of BEGGANI life. THINKING
It is always important to remember that you create yourself, you determine the direction of your life path, and only you set the pace of your life.
Think back to when you were 15-20-25 years old. Remember how boundlessly you looked at the world, what an open and forward thinking you had. You weren't building fences in your head, you were successfully achieving your goals.
Get that mindset back!
If you want to become something, just take it and become it, move toward your goal and create yourself. Always discover each day as a new opportunity.
I'll give you an example from my life so you can properly understand me and discover your potential.
When I was a junior, I made a conscious and correct decision-I wanted to be an athlete, I wanted to be a soccer player. I fought and moved toward my goal. I was persistent in my choice, and I wasn't stopped by difficulties. I trained at the soccer academy with my peers and had extra training with the older juniors at the soccer academy. Believe me, it was hard, but it was rewarding. I had a clear understanding of what I wanted and why I was doing it. Training with the older guys was the right decision and a big step forward. That's how I consistently came to an important rule in life and in sports - you create yourself, you create your advantage, you move forward. It's important to understand that you don't have fences in your head - you can open yourself up and achieve all your goals.
For me, every year, every new tournament has been completely different. And it taught me to treat each situation with an individual approach. Don't look for similarities in every situation, look for differences. Learn to set the right vector for your life path - analyze the situation, make adjustments and move forward. No one stands in your way, on the contrary, everyone helps you. The main thing that should be in your head - is your goal and a clear understanding that you can achieve everything in life!
An athlete must be a maximalist. From my own experience I made sure that if you fall down, you get up immediately and move on to your goal. In this way, you form the right emotional mindset, which gives you new energy to strengthen your training process and work on your professional skills. Never pay attention to your downfalls. Pay attention to how fast you get up and move forward. Understanding and implementing this will lead you to growth, create perspective and unlock your potential. When you stand up, you become better than your opponent; when you move forward, you win.
As you create yourself, you must see your life path clearly. Move along it and adjust your actions. Remember most importantly, you can always change your life. You create your own life path, and only you are responsible for it. Honesty and integrity, right thinking, intelligent decisions, wisdom and constant moving forward should be the foundation of your life path.
You create yourself every day!
BEGGANI is with you every day and in every movement. © BEGGANI®