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The personal example of BEGGANI life. SUPPORTING

The personal example of BEGGANI life. SUPPORTING

My Family is the creator of the BEGGANI brand. Thanks to my Family, thanks to the support and care of my relatives and close people I moved confidently forward, implemented complex tasks and overcame any difficulties in my life path.
It is important to understand that support of a close person, support of the Family is a decisive factor in a difficult situation. Sometimes one word or a look from a close person is enough for you to believe in your strength and get a huge burst of energy.
There have been many situations in my life in which this has happened. I will give one example that was important to me and my entire soccer team.
In the finals of a major soccer tournament, we had to play a team that was equal to us in every way. We studied our opponent well and intelligently built our game for the final.
The game was played as if there was no tomorrow. Just one day. Everything is today and now. We and our opponent fought so hard on the field that our jerseys were torn. At halftime I saw that there was not a single living spot on the field. When the second half began - nothing has changed, only the fight has become even fiercer. I'll say right away that neither team could score a goal against the opponent, and it began to bring the sporting chaos in the game. Neither our team, nor the opponent could take advantage of any scoring chances in this tense game. I couldn't take my eyes off the soccer ball for a second. But at one point I turned to the stands, the very seats where we could invite our loved ones, our families. And I couldn't believe what I was seeing. In the bleachers, in the guest seats, sat the parents, relatives and friends of all the players on our team. We were supported by a whole sector of family and friends. There was a lot of noise in the stands, and they couldn't say anything. Our Families and friends rose to their feet, and in that moment each of us saw what we had to understand personally. Each player on our team saw and felt the most important thing that gives him a burst of energy and a second breath. The most important thing in life that will inspire him to do great things.
Our goalie saw his little brother with a bandaged hand. And only he knew how the younger brother had protected his family from a bully attack.
Our defender saw his 94-year-old grandfather, who had overcome many hardships to give his family a future.
Our midfielder saw his pregnant wife in the stands with her hands on her stomach. And he was the only one who knew he was going to have a daughter and a son.
When my coach saw his son in the guest stand with a gym bag on his shoulder, he knew his son was ready to get back to training and start his athletic journey.
I know what my teammate thought when he saw his kids in the stands. What joy there was in his eyes. Now he definitely couldn't lose that final.
My teammate saw his favorite girl in our team jersey standing in the stands with her family. She was just standing there, wiping away her tears and smiling. At that moment he knew exactly what he was going to say to her after the match. Then we all reminisced about that moment at their wedding.
When I saw my family, my grandparents, in the stands, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My family was there to support me. I knew what they were thinking and what they wanted to tell me. My grandmother pointed her hand at the T-shirt my grandfather was wearing. On that T-shirt were embroidered united birds, a symbol of support and caring in the Family. Today it is a patented logo and the BEGGANI brand shows its strength and support around the world. This is the shirt I wore under my soccer uniform before every game. Standing in the stands, my grandfather pressed his palm to his chest and I automatically did the same. I knew what that meant. I knew I now had the unlimited support of my Family. There was no more fuss and struggle around me, I was calm and reasonable. I felt a tremendous surge of energy and an uncontrollable desire to win this final.
You can't imagine what happened to us at that moment. Great charge of energy and a huge dedication filled all the players of our team. On the field we demonstrated a cosmic level of team play and established total control over the ball. We simply left our opponent no chance. The result was obvious. We scored two goals seven minutes from the end of the game. I can not say who scored the two goals, because there was a team on the field, there was a single organism. My team scored two goals in the toughest and best final. Our Families became part of our team. They were inside of us, and we felt their support every second. When the game was over, we couldn't believe we did it. We were so emotional. Our coach was running to us. Our families ran to us. That soccer game will be in our memories for life. That final changed the way we thought and changed our lives.
We saw the unique support of the Family.
We realized the high family values and unity of the Family.
The main thing is to believe and support at all costs. This is how my big Family lives. This is how BEGGANI lives. ©